De Snoo – Van ’t Hoogerhuijs Foundation


For nearly 70 years, the De Snoo – van ’t Hoogerhuijs Foundation has aimed to promote the gathering and exchange of knowledge in the field of reproduction. The activities of the foundation primarily focus on the organization of state-of-the art symposia bringing together world experts in the field as well as by granting awards and grants for investigators in the field.

Professor De Snoo (1877-1949) was a leading professor at Utrecht University in the field of obstetrics before and after the Second World War. He pioneered the development of prenatal care in the Netherlands but also had a broad view and vision about human reproduction. In light of this vision, professor De Snoo and his wife, J.M. van ’t Hoogerhuijs, provided a legacy to build the De Snoo – van ’t Hoogerhuijs Foundation..

Every two years the Stichting De Snoo – van ‘t Hoogerhuijs awards prizes during a symposium to leading researchers, national as well as international, sometimes to young persons, sometimes to renowned researchers, in the broad field of  (comparative) reproduction, genetics, embryology, zootechnics, zoology and paleontology. The goal of the symposium is to bring together world experts who share the capacity of professor de Snoo to put forward their visionary views about the future of reproduction.

The board of the foundation consists of professors from Utrecht University in the field of reproduction. The chair is a professor from another University.