Former award winners

2017(Senior) Dr. Susana Chuva de Sousa LopesLUMCClick for abstract article
2017(Senior) Dr. Ewart W. KuijkUMC UtrechtDamaged goods: genomic consequences of damaged sperm DNA on the developing human embryo / Click for abstract article
2017(Junior) Dr. Nienke E. van HoogenhuijzeUMC UtrechtRepeated implantation failure from the endometrial perspective: etiology and prognosis
2017(Junior) Dr. Dian WinkelhorstLUMC and SanquinCan we identity PHA-1a alloimmunized pregnancies at high risk for developing fetal or neonatal bleeding complications?
2015(Senior) Bas B. van RijnUMC Utrecht
2015(Junior) Dr. Emiel Post UiterweerUMC Utrecht
2010Dr. E.J.H. Mulder UMC Utrecht division Mother Child
2010Dr. Peter Nikkels
UMC UtrechtExpert in the field of perinatal or developmental pathology
2006Dr. J. Leroy
2006Dr S.M. de Souza LopesLUMC
2006Prof. dr K. Weijer
2004Prof.dr. B. Kä IlénLund, SwedenExpert on registration of births and congenital defects in the Netherlands and the rest of the world
2004Dr. O.J.S. van HemelDelft
2001Mw. dr. E. de MirandaLUMCPrevention and determinants of the patho physiology of post-term pregnancies
2001Mw. M.J. KorenrompDeterminants of psychosocial response to termination of pregnancy on genetic grounds before 24 weeks of pregnancy
1999Prof. dr. D. TautzMunich, GermanyExpression patterns of homeotic genes in arthropods
1999Dr. P.W.H. HollandReading, U.K.Expression patterns of homeotic genes in chordates
1999Dr. M. AverofCambridge, U.K. and Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Iraklio, Krete, GreeceExpression patterns of homeotic genes in crustaceans
1996Dr. J.G. ThorntonUniversity of Leeds
1996Mw. B. HonnebierHollywood, CA, USA
1993Dr. A.J. OtteMolecular basis of experimental embryonic research into the development of the central nerve system
1993Dr. M.A.M. TaverneResearch on hormonal regulation of pregnancy and birth in various kinds of animals, as well as the development of ultrasound imaging on agricultural domestic animals and sea mammals
1993Dr. J.G. NijhuisGynaecologist, NijmegenStudy on fetal behavior and intrauterine neurological research
1991Mw. Dr. G.C.M.L. ChristiaensUMC UtrechtResearch in the field of gynaecology, in particular prenatal diagnostics
1986Dr. A. Westerveld and Dr. J.H.J. HoeijmakersResearch on DNA repair in the human
1983Dr. Peter M. DunnPediatrician-neonatologist, Bristol, UKResearch on congenital hip dislocations and blood transfusion between fetus and placenta
1979Dr. G.H. ZeilmakerExperimental oocyte maturation, oocyte and embryo freezing and parthenogenesis in the mouse
1976Dr. W.J. Honnebier and Dr. D.F. SwaabResearch on the role of the fetal system on the intrauterine growth and birth
1973J.B. BijlsmaDoctor at the laboratory for Anthropo biology in AmsterdamCytogenetic research on humans
1970Dr.J.C. SeelenGynaecologist, Den HaagResearch in the broad field of reproduction
1967Dr. C. NaaktgeborenBiologist, AmsterdamComparative obstetrics in mammals
1964Prof.dr. Arpad CsapoGynaecologist, School of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, MissouriPhysiology of the pregnant uterus, in particular regarding progesteron
1962Dr. C.A.W. KorenhofDentistMorpho-genetic interpretation of sub-fossile upper molar material from Java
1960Dr. J.L. MastboomGynaecologist, Den Haag
1958Dr.O. MühlbockHistologist, AmsterdamHormonology and experimental creation of ovary tumour
1955Dr. G.J. KloostermanAmsterdamResearch on the placenta, regulation of prenatal care and the problem of the post-term pregnancy
1953Prof.dr. L.H. BretschneiderLector Zoological Laboratory, RU UtrechtFertilisation physiology and merits of the electron microscope
1951Dr.G. HellingaInternist, AmsterdamResearch on male fertility disorders